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Blair County Christian School has offered a well-balanced, Christian education in grades K-3 through 12th grade for over 30 years.

Our school is committed to academic excellence, and we teach our students to strive for their personal best in everything they do. During its founding, BCCS adopted the phrase “…that in all things He might have the preeminence.” from Colossians 1:18 as its motivating theme. We emphasize God’s power and involvement in every aspect and subject of life.

Traditional classroom settings and small class sizes enable our teachers to give each child the attention they deserve. Students study different aspects of God’s Word and Bible doctrines in daily Bible classes, and Christian textbooks while completing the commonwealth requirements for a child to graduate each grade level.

We are proud of the academic education offered here at BCCS. We truly believe that whatever amount of time that a child spends at B.C.C.S. they will be able to walk away better prepared for their next "steps" in life.

Every day begins with prayer and Bible reading.

The Bible is treated as God's holy, inerrant Word and is weaved into every subject.

High standards regarding conduct and academics are administered with a proper balance of discipline and love.

BCCS Students consistently score above the national average on standardized tests.

We use Christian textbooks and curriculum including:  A Beka Book and BJU Press

Our dedicated teachers feel they are called by God to minister to your child, and they care about every aspect of your child's life.

Specialized teaching and tutoring programs are available for students requiring additional assistance.

BCCS is an active member of the Keystone Christian Education Association—a state-wide association committed to the advancement of Christian schools of Pennsylvania.

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Blair County Christian School also offers education in the Fine Arts of music and speech.

Each year, all of our students perform a Christmas Concert and Spring Music Concert.

Senior High students are required to take a course in Speech (typically 10th grade), which educates students on the styles of speaking and proper public speaking techniques.

Music programs at BCCS include music theory, voice lessons, and instrument lessons.  Junior high grades are required to take a music theory class that teaches them the basics of music through music theory.  Instrument lessons are available for all ages, and elective chorus programs are available for junior and senior high students.


BCCS is also an active member in the Keystone Christian Education Association, a statewide organization committed to the advancement of Christian schools in Pennsylvania.  Students have the opportunity to compete in an annual, state-wide fine arts competition with other Christian schools.

High school students also have the opportunity to audition for the KCEA All-State Choir and KCEA All-State Band. This choir and band is comprised of students from Christian schools within KCEA, culminating with a 3-day practice and 2 concerts in the Harrisburg Capitol Rotunda.



We believe that it is vital for a young person to get a variety of experiences while attending BCCS. This is why we currently offer the following electives:

  • Art

  • Yearbook Design

  • Choir

  • Band


These classes may change from year to year as we continue to try to expand our electives department which will allow us to diversify your child's learning experience.


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